Thursday, 14 February 2008

All good things come to end

Today has not been the best of days, as it appears my nice little earner at the Government quango where I have been working for the past nine months is finally coming to an end in just four weeks, this was expected but it always comes as a bit of a shock when you hear it from the horses mouth. I am not complaining it was the easiest ninety grand I have ever made plus it got me out of the financial ruin that was caused due to events that occurred on the BVC. The only reason that I mention the money is that the Government seems to have no problem in paying "Consultants" silly amounts of money for very little work but yet when it comes to important issues, such as legal aid there is no money.

However this time round I have saved up enough money to cover at least six months worth of living expenses including mortgage payments, school fees, etc, etc.

What next? Update the C.V and get myself a proper job :)


Anonymous said...

O Dear, B2B, sad to hear you have been De-Quango'ed, as it were, but you have a point - there is much money out there for the Government's externally hired guns but conveniently absolutely none for legal aid.
How goes the hunt for pupillage? Are you geared up for the annual OLPAS Boxing Match?!

Barrister 2 B said...

I am not really that bothered to be honest, i am having a month off and then should hopefully find something thereafter.

I have been making some improvements to my CV over the past couple of months, so I will place a pin on the olpas donkeys tail and see what happens, In the meantime my Plan B is still very much alive, and to this effect - I have interviews lined up with a number of firms for paralegal work, the financial pressure is off for a while, so i can afford slave wages for a while as long as the firms are willing to sign off on the work I have done for them to the Law Soc's satisfaction.